Rubbish Removal Pricing

Single Item

Labour: 5 Mins


Minimum Load

Labour: 10 Mins


1/4 Load

Labour: 20 Mins


1/3 Load

Labour: 30 Mins


1/2 Load

Labour: 40 Mins


3/4 Load

Labour: 50 Mins


Full Load

Labour: 1 Hour



Sometimes we have to charge a little extra due to the way certain items are disposed of or recycled. Please see some examples below.

Extra 10 Minute Labour Time


Christmas Tree




Small Fridge


Large Fridge


TV or Monitor


Paint (Per Litre)


Florescent Tubing


Garden Services & Landscaping Pricing

Gardens come in all shapes and sizes so the best way for us to give you a quote is to get in touch. We will be more than happy to send you a quote if you would like to send us photographs either via email or whatsapp, or please give us a call so we can discuss your gardens needs over the phone. We are also able to send one of our professional gardeners out to your property to give you a quotation in person.